Drying Pollen in a Dehydrator: good idea?

My dehydrator’s minimum temperature is 95 degrees. I wonder if it might be a good idea (and I’ve tried it but haven’t tried to keep track of results) to put my dish of fresh anthers in there for one hour, then process and freeze them right away, rather than the usual method of leaving them sit out on the counter overnight and processing them in the morning.

95 degrees can’t be good for them, but for only one hour, maybe the benefit of drying them very quickly outweighs the detriment?

What do you think?


That would be fun to try and compare for seed set with the same collection time of anthers off of the same variety. I don’t know the upper temp pollen can tolerate well. I struggle sometimes with air drying too for how variable it is for pollen to be released probably based on humidity/temp/how many anthers I have with each other, etc. I usually start using the pollen the next day and by then enough is released I can use it even if the anthers don’t seem dry eough to freeze the mix of anthers and pollen well.

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