Dr Merkeley

Lydia, what do your Canadian sources say about Dr. Merkeley?

Paul, I’m looking forward to the latest issue of ‘The Prairie Garden’, and very excited for a piece of Hazeldean come spring. Exactly when does Hazeldean bloom in your climate? Will it bloom as early as May in zone 5 Ontario?

Link: www.bulbnrose.org/Roses/breeding/Wright/Wright_yellow.html

Liz, yes I can send you a couple suckers of ‘Hazeldean’. Please send me your mailing address.

Dee, ‘Hazeldean’, like other Spinosissima cultivars, blooms in the latter part of June on the Canadian Prairies. I think it’s possible it might bloom in late May in a Zone 5 climate.

Cass, Frank Skinner, who introduced 'Dr. Merekely, reported it was a Rosa cinnamomea (majalis) hybrid. This is how it’s described in Modern Roses and obviously the information came from him. But I don’t know how he determined this. To me, it’s more of a Centifolia hybrid. The flowers are very double and I thought lacked fertility both ways. I’ve never seen hips on plants, but last year I learned it’s capable of producing open pollinated hips.

Paul, I feel bad asking after the others - but although I would honestly like one myself, if you send at least one sucker my way, I can probably get the plant established at our Nat’l Arboretum (which could help preserve it down here for posterity). No pressure, though, or your plant will be whittled down to nothing :slight_smile:


My Canadian source is Paul Olsen & this forum.

Actually, I want to clarify/put a disclaimer on what I just said - I’d like to eventually grow it myself, and while there is a possibility that one of the gardens the arboretum will be express an interest in helping to preserve it, I can’t ask for you to donate it expressly for that purpose. And I will insist on compensating you for your trouble.

…and that was a terrible sentence, but I swear I haven’t been drinking! :slight_smile:


I have several sources for ‘Hazeldean’. I’ll see what I can do for you in the spring.

That would be wonderful, but if it’s any difficulty at all I will certainly not mind waiting for it to trickle into general circulation. I’d frankly rather see valuable propagules go to sources that can do the most good in terms of distribution first anyway - particularly nurseries.

Barring any trans-national rose growers like Pickering trying to offer it, I suspect some of our other sources like Vintage Gardens would gladly maintain and occasionally propagate it for sale. Rogue Valley Roses, Ashdown, and perhaps others might also be highly receptive to the idea (I’ve mentioned this one and quite a few other Prairie-bred roses to Janet at RVR as being of high value for northern rosarians, and she was keenly interested).

I have friends that ship budwood, suckers, etc., marking the package as “wood samples” without any difficulty.

Thanks, Paul and Lydia. Margit Schowalter was kind enough to send me the Dropmore description of ‘Dr. Merkeley’ .