Dr. Harry Upshall

Has anyone done any hybridizing with Dr. Harry Upshall by Joyce Felming? I’d like to know if it is fertile either way.


Joyce called to ask that I respond to your post since her computer connection has been down for the past day or two.

She has used this rose only as a pollen parent, and has had several nice seedlings from it. It had never set any seeds until 2007, when it set two OP hips with a total of perhaps a dozen seeds. These did not germinate this past winter, but as you know some seeds take 2 seasons to germinate.

So, it seems that ‘Dr. Harry Upshall’ is fertile both ways but is probably more productive as a pollen parent.


That’s great news for a really interesting-sounding cross. Perhaps an even better question is, did you order this from Hortico and actually receive the rose you ordered? If only Joyce’s more unusual roses were available through a better nursery like Pickering…

Peter, thanks. Please thank Joyce for me as well.

I think, then, that Dr. Harry Upshall could be a useful and novel vehicle for transferring yellow because of the R. foetida “proper” and especially the R. foetida persiana it bears. Pernet-Ducher used the latter to create Soleil d’Or, and there are very few additional persiana F1’s out there.

As Stephan points out, it is a gamble dealing with Hortico but at least we have a source for it.

BTW I will to get my promised article to you in a couple of days and hope it is not too late for the newsletter.

Pickering actually did test a variety of Joyce Fleming’s roses several years ago when they were at their old location. These roses, some with mixed up names, were available at their store for walk in customers. I got several including Dr. Harry Upshall. This rose produces exquisite tea-like colour-blended blooms, lavender, pink with gold on the inner petals. I didn’t take cuttings & unfortunately my rose was out thugged by rhubarb. I can’t understand why Pickering didn’t proceed with more of her roses. Dr. Harry Upshall is unique even as just a beautiful rose.