Double White Lady Banks rose

I picked this up today at Orchird Supplies for 7 bucks. I have no intentions keeping for long, just this season to collect pollen. Question is if there are fertile pollen, as I see no hybrids from the double white version of the Banks roses. Is there anybody with any experiance with it? I have intentions to use this with miniture roses such as Pacific Serande or Cinderella. Any info would be great.


Enriqu, I have no experiance with this rose, but I do have a question. Out of all the minitures you have used do they all most always produce minitures, even when crossed with larger plants?

Bob, I just recently used mini roses in my breeding program, but many other hybridizers say that a cross between a large or climbing rose with a mini will usually produce a mini. That’s why I choose to use mini roses to use as a parent for Lady Banks rose’s pollen. Ralph Moore used many times Golden Glow, a huge climber, as a parent of his earliest mini roses. You should ask Kim Rupert, he’s expert on this.


The mini trait is dominant, but not in the simplest Mendelian sense. When dealing with minis it has been my experience that using a mini that has minis as both parents will nearly always produce mini seedlings, but many of the mini roses out there have a large rose parent, and these, when crossed with large roses will produce both large and small seedlings.

I have several seedlings in my basement now from Rugelda (full sized) x Lemon delight (mini) and about one third of them are growing to be full sized roses while the rest are varying degrees of mini. Some are only one and a half inches tall and putting on their first tiny buds. One seedling from the same cross and also the same age is easily 9 inches tall. I think they are about 8 weeks old now.

There is evidence also, that full sized roses with mini ancesters will produce some minis. I have only two seedlings from George Burns and both are minis. They are two years old and neither is more than 8 inches tall. George has mini in its ancestry, and evidently it passes on the mini trait even though it is a “full size” bush.

Randy Hughes, Vancouver, WA