Don'tcha love it when a plan works?

I was hoping to get the color of Brass Band into Fabulous! and get the nice foliage and mildew resistance that Fabulous! has. This Fabulous! x Brass Band seedling’s first bloom looks like it is exactly that - with an extra added red ‘blush’ on the petals which I love! Hopefully, she will mature nicely and be florific.

[attachment 564 120121FABxBB1_3264.JPG]

Congrats it looks terrific!! (for a first flower?).

Wow! That’s really a gorgeous rose, Judy! I like the ruffling too!

Judith that is beautiful. I had Brass Band and just loved it. Two cutting raised bushes were so high and thick they filled the whole living room lower window when I looked out. I thought, who needs to bring a bouquet indoors when I have one filling my window. Unfortunately, they along with all the others in the front yard went into a decline and died out.

Jim P

I do like that color!

Thanks, guys. I’m glad to hear that, Jim. My Brass Band (on rootstock) is pretty weak, and I was hoping the cross would give it some of the energy that Fabulous! has. That is still to be determined. I can’t wait to see subsequent blooms. First blooms are typically so different.

Plans work?? I didn’t know that happened. I’ve always opted for retroactively revising a plan and saying, “Yeah, that’s what I really wanted.”

That really is a striking color, and on a first bloom?? Impressive. (And what are you feeding that thing to get such a chunky stem supporting that bloom?! LOL. It looks like a steel rod!)

Lol, Philip! And the stem? I’m not feeding much at all, in fact, many of the seedlings look a bit chlorotic. Just genetics. Wouldn’t that be a nasty surprise if the stem turns out to be too large for the bloom!

Wow, that is nice. I hope it does well for you.


That is one beautiful bloom. It has been my experience that the second year bloom is more vibrant in color and more petals per bloom. I see big things in the future of this seedling. Hope it roots easily.

I sure hope it lives! I generally don’t let 1st blooms get that mature but I just HAD to see it fully opened. Here it is day 4. Lovin’ it! It sure ages better than Brass Band!

[attachment 569 IMG_3268sm.jpg]

Pretty good plan… Now if they worked all of the time, that would be boring. I can not wait to see how the blooms look once the plant is a bit more mature. I would baby this one just a bit…

Very beautiful Judith - I love the fresh color!

I loved Brass Band, but it wouldnt bloom until it got hot here, so it only did 2 cycles. Fabulous! does well here, except for the BS. It is like Sexy Rexy on steroids.

I’m hoping for the best traits from each parent of course. We’ll see how it plays out. Meanwhile, it will be 102 today, so the real test for my seedlings has come!