'Dolly's Forever Rose'

Looking to find out if Paul’s DFR is fertile either way and if anyone has any experiences with F1 color ranges, disease resistance and repeat bloom frequency. I’m wondering if this one would be good for breeding oranges, yellows and bi-colors. It’s a very attractive rose.


It sets seed easily, but I have never attempted to grow 'em.


Good to hear that DFR does set seed. This is a beautiful rose and looking at its lineage it has some great moss, yellow and mauve/purple genes in it. Would I be correct to assume that it’s probably a tetraploid?

Looking at my garden I’d like to pair this with Westerland, Autumn Sunset, Midnight Blue, Cuthbert Grant and Illusion. I’m putting it on my list for next season. Thanks for the information Paul.

Rob, I think it’s safe to assume tetraploidy, yes. I’ll be curious to know what you learn from using it!

Thanks Paul. I’ll keep you posted.