doing nothing seedlings

Would appreciate some help from those more experienced. I was thrilled to get about 25% germination from my second attempt at hybridization. I have 5 crosses growing, most now 8-14 weeks under lights. However, only one has bloomed and most seem to stall out after getting to 2 to 3" tall. Leaves yellow a bit, but not much happening. It’s almost time to move outside, but wondering if anyone has any advice. I finally remembered to fertilize last weekend, but see no change. Growing in sterile potting soil in peat pots. Initially I had the 24 hours light program, now down to 16. any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks to all participating in the forum. I find it very useful.

The following thread starts off sort of silly, but then presents some very useful information:



Is there only one cross involved? Are all seedlings acting the same?

all crosses are doing the same. I’ve got some photos, but not able to post as I don’t have a web site to link them too. I’m still wondering if just very undernourished, but hard for me to tell. They are all beyond cotyledon stage. Lots of annuals and a few perennials I’ve started from seed are doing fine in same situation…peat pots being the only difference as I’m growing them in plastic.

Appreciate your willingness to help…got this far, sure hope I can get them to grow!


Jerry, check the roots of some of your seedlings. They may be rotting. When my seedlings stop growing and the leaves start to yellow, that is usually the problem. If that is the case, the most important thing is to let the soil dry out between waterings and don’t completely saturate the soil when you do water. For rose seedlings it is always better to underwater than overwater.

Other things that may help:

Buy a small fan and let it run a light breeze over your seedlings.

Add small amount of hydrogen peroxide to the water you use.

Repot your roses into a faster draining soil mix.

I hope that helps.

thanks Shane. I repotted last night…duh, not sure why that didn’t occur to me. Roots are in great shape - far more than I expected considering how they look above ground.

I have let them dry out, but maybe have been saturating too much…the peat pots even sit in water for a day or two when I fill the trays…so I’ll ease back a bit. Have a fan going.

We’ll see how the repotting works…I had a soiless mix of spagnum moss, but hope this soil mix works a bit better.

Appreciate the help.


Jerry, I am glad the roots look good. If the roots are in good shape (with room to grow), the plants will come around sooner or later.

All is well that ends well. Appreciate all the help. Repotting was the answer…guess I should have assumed that soiless medium is exactly that and eventually they would need some nutrition! They are greening up nicely, starting to grow again, and I’m now anxiously awaiting those first, albeit late blooms. Thanks again, JD