Does this look like 'Royal Bassino'

Home Depot and Lowe’s in my region have been selling packaged bareroot roses from Windmill out of in Canada. From the stray grower tags, it looks like they are buying wholesale from Certified, Star, and Weeks, packaging in Canada, and then shipping back to the US. It is interesting that some of the roses still have the grower plastic strip label on them as one variety (likely correct variety) and then the variety on the photo is different.

Anyways, it seems like what they call ‘Northern Red’ is a different rose each year. I should stop being tempted and buying them and their other roses too!! Last year I figured out which red rose it was. This year it seems like their “Northern Red” may be ‘Royal Bassino’. It has been a number of years since I’ve seen a plant of RB The color and slightly spreading habit seems familiar for RB. Does this seem like a reasonable ID? What other rose do you think it may be? I don’t remember seeing RB in the wholesale catalogs of the three major bareroot suppliers. Maybe Windmill is buying from other bareroot suppliers too?? It’s not ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ (I actually bought what I thought was ‘Europeana’ from another box store and it was ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ and is just a plant or two over on the greenhouse bench from this one).

Thank you for any help/light you can shed on this rose.
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It could be… the color and foliage are within the proper range.

It’s too bad that it is often a guessing game when selecting roses to buy. Especially if you have an objective in bringing a rose with particular traits into your breeding program. At least the price is not too bad!

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