Does the china Arethusa set hips?

I had a baby Arethusa that died due to a heatwave and a hard rain last summer and my own stupidity for ordering it late, but I was wondering before I order it again does it ever set hips either OP or by hand or have any usable pollen? I know other chinas like Mutabilis are very inconsistent in their fertility and have very poor pollen. Is she one of those too?

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I must thank you all again for all the advice the past few weeks, my two OP Elizabeth seeds have sprouted, they’re seedlings!! It’s so exciting to see them poking out of the soil!

Yes it is quite fertile and seeds fairly do germinate.

Thank you very much, great news.

One quick question, what about the china-tea hybrid " Comtesse du Caya"? Has anybody used this rose for either pollen or hips?

I know that the bed of La MArne, CduC’s seedling, is fertile because I see ripe hips randomly. So, yes, it is confirmed as a pollen parent.

Thank you.

Wow, I must have been super tired when I wrote that. I meant the bed of La Marne’s at a college I used to go to. And that CDuC is the pollen parent of La Marne.

And no prob :slight_smile: