Does BlancDouble de Coubert sucker?

I moved some Hybrid Rugosas this spring and I noticed that Blanc Double de Coubert didn’t have any suckers on it. The other three rugosas had suckers and they were all planted about the same time. BDdC had a very deed root system like it was grafted, which surprised me, so maybe that had something to do with it.

It does when fully mature and not manicured. It can get to be about 10’ tall x 10’ wide if left alone. When pruned every winter, it wil maintain a nice vase-shape of 5’ tall x 3-4’ wide.

Dang, I was hoping it didn’t because it be nice have a rugosa that didn’t run rampant. I have a thornless R.blanda that is fairly small and doesn’t seem to sucker as much as other R.blanda and I was thinking of crossing BDdC with it.

If BDdC gets that large, I definately have it in the wrong spot. I have it in a bed with other roses. I don’t know if it gets that large here in this climate, I guess time will tell. I’ve had mine about 4 years and it was only 4’ to 5’ tall.

Ive only seen it get that large when pruning is not used, and I have not seen suckers from mature, pruned plants of it. So the suckering habit is quite diminised. The real trouble is getting anything fertile from that rose.

You could always try Marie Bgnet if youre looking for a white rugosa hybrid. Its already part R. blanda and it is even more so R. rogusa Its also among the shortest of the hybrid rugosas.

I’ve had a plant for about 16 years now and it does sucker but not as badly as some of the other own root plants that I have. Here in Zone 5A it only gets about 4.5’ tall and about that wide. I only remove dead canes. It gets about 5 hours of sunlight.

I think the size of the plant is directly related to the climate and sunlight it is exposed to.

Thats true. Rugosas natural climate is similar to the OR/WA Coastal Range.

I know what you mean, I managed to get some seedlings from it three years ago, but they didn’t turn out to be from the cross I made and were culled. I haven’t been able to get any hips from crosses since. I thought I’d try it as a pollen parent to see if I had better luck with it.

Marie Bugnet would be a good alternative, I would just need some pollen from it to use on the R.blanda and a few other prospects.

You’re right Meg, the reason I moved most of my roses last fall was because they weren’t getting enough light and they just weren’t performing that well. That’s not the reason I moved the rugosas, they were in a different spot. We’re adding a deck and re-doing the landscaping so they were in the way.