Does anyone want (Heritage X William Baffin) X OP seeds?

I hesitate to “guarantee” the parentage of this one because the mother does not show any obvious William Baffin physical plant characteristics. She is double, hardy, and disease free.

I should be able to subdivide the rather large number of seeds. I will send on an e-mail request received “first ask” basis to U.S. hybridizers, except if you were shipped seeds earlier this season, your request will drop below the “first requests” that arrive in the next 24 hours.

I guess that I will add that I will try to ship to Canadian hybridizers; but a Canadian requestor must understand that I clearly mark the outside that the package contains rose seeds so the requestor must understand that he/she assumes all responsibility for the package passing through Canadian Customs.


There is no problem with receiving seeds in Canada. The problem lies with sending seeds to the US.

Henry, I’d love some! Thank you.

Help, I had 48 of these germinate today. Please take some.

I have added some comments to my daily germination report web page. You may find them interesting:


Henry I don’t need any seeds but i would love to see a photograph of Heritage or William Baffin blooms. Do you have any you would share?

John, if you meant a picture of a (Heritage X William Baffin) seedling, see for example:


The seedling is really pretty but actually I was looking for pictures of the parents.

A picture of Heritage is at:


A picture of William Baffin is at:


You want pix of Wm Baffin? 'William Baffin' Rose

You want pix of Heritage?

See link below.


Thanks Henry I was wondering if you had any of your bushes.

John, Heritage is grown next to the house. It gets enough heat in the winter so as not to suffer die back. It acts like a small 7 foot climber. William Baffin stands near the property line. It is a completely hardy small 12 foot tree. Mine now has a lot of dead wood from old age.

When Spring arrives and everything is in bloom, I’d love to see some pictures of the roses in your garden.

Henry, I received your H x WB seeds - thank you! My goodness, what a germinator! About half had already germinated in the plastic bag! I managed to separate the tangled roots pretty easily and potted them up. I think some Arizona sunshine will help :slight_smile: I’ll keep them inside on a bulb for a day or two and then start giving them some sunshine slowly.

More look like they’re ready to germinate. What a prolific mom you have here!

Thanks again.


Many thanks. Both packages arrived Monday & the sprouts potted up. No problem with customs.

The seeds I received seem to be germinating well. I have 6 seedlings from these seeds that are now producing thier first true leaves. Will have at least 2 more seeds tonight to plant. They were splitting open last night. It will be fun to see what happens with them.

When I posted this offer, I stated: “I hesitate to “guarantee” the parentage of this one because the mother does not show any obvious William Baffin physical plant characteristics. She is double, hardy, and disease free.”

Today I found that several canes of sucker growth from a species rose had surrounded the (Heritage X William Baffin) plant. Thus, I cannot say whether the hips I picked last fall were from the suckers or from the original plant. The sucker has smaller single pink flowers that are blooming now (that is how I became suspicious).

To those of you that took up my offer, I apologize if your seedlings turn out to be from the suckers.

Has anyone gotten any flowers from their seedlings of this supposed plant?

No flowers as yet, but the seedlings are very attractive. What is the species plant?

No blooms yet, and they sure do look like species plants. What IS the species plant?

Here’s a picture of one of them.


Regarding the which species question. I have spent most of this past week cutting out suckers with single pink blooms all over my approximately 1000 rose plant collection.

Unfortunately, I did not save nor try to identify the suckers around (Heritage X William Baffin). On my web page I have the dates of what germinated when. These seeds were germinating when the acicularis seeds were germinating. But I have many species and near species roses with small single pink flowers that I did not collect hips from, so the above information alone is not sufficient. If the seedlings have round straight needle like thorns, then they probably are acicularis. I looked at my seedlings of the assumed (Heritage X William Baffin) X OP , and they do have aciciularis type thorns.