Do These Roses Have Hips

I was wondering if anybody knew it Dragon’s Blood or Cuthbert Grant have viable hips? Thanks

I do not recall any hips from Culbert Grant. I do have a 2004 pollen offspring with similar flowers to Culbert Grant. It is in flower now. I will post a picture tomorrow. It is:

(George Vancouver X John Davis) X Culbert Grant

pollen diameter 41.0, (2.7),

red, dbl flowers

sets hips

Dragon’s Blood does indeed set hips. I have a couple of seedlings from it in the pipeline. Even if it didn’t set hips I would want it in my garden, though. The name fits the color of this rose quite aptly.

Thanks Henry. I did get pollen but was going to cross CG also but could remember if I had seen hips. I’m usually too quick to deadhead but his year I’m going to make notes of all the roses I have that set hips.

Don, I’m glad to hear that DB does set hips. What did you cross it with? I’m thinking of adding some more winter hardiness since I’m in zone 5 even though it has survived the last 2 winters here it has dieback so I’m watching to see if maturity will make it more winter hardy so that it becomes a nice shrub. Maybe Morden Sunrise or something mauve like Wild Blue Yonder, or R. glauca for the blue foliage if R. glauca isn’t a blackspotter (is it??), or I should try a Hybrid Musk with DB. My mind spins with all the choices. Tomorrow I will make a decision and pollinate :slight_smile:

The ((George Vancouver X John Davis) X Culbert Grant) picture is at:


Looks good, Henry. It must have really good health and winter hardiness.

Use Cuthbert Grant as a pollen parent. Dragon’s Blood sets seed easily and with most any pollen. Very potent as a pollen parent also. I’ll show you a seedling from it later.

I’m glad that I asked before using up pollen on CG, thanks!! I used pollen from Morden Sunrise on a few hips of Dragon’s Blood and since Wild Blue Yonder hasn’t bloomed yet (darn), I used Distant Drum pollen on a few. DB pollen has been used so far on William Shakespeare 2000. Can’t wait to see the photo of your seedling, Paul.

Sharon, take a look at my blog for a photo of the seedling I mentioned.


Looks wonderful! I love the deep color.


Dragon’s Blood often passes on one of its best traits: the ability to rebloom very quickly. It tends to build up growth like a China, forming new blooming shoots immediately behind the current bloom even before the first blooms are finished. This trait should be exploited more, I believe.