Diploids crossed with Tripploids

I have 2 roses that I understand as fertile triploid roses. These roses are Golden Glow and New Dawn. I am considering about the possible outcomes of putting diploid pollen from Polsjarnan on these roses.

From past discussions, I have been lead to believe that if such a cross worked, the resulting seeldings could be a mixture of diploid and triploids.

What I am wondering about is the potential of triploids that could be created of this cross. Given the fertility of the parent triploids, could there be an increased chance of producing fertile triploid offspring?

Hi Steve,

Great questions. You may also obtain tetraploids from the cross from potentially “unreduced” eggs from your triploid parent as well. In essence by selecting for fertility among triploids and generating more triploids and selecting for fertility again, you are doing recurrent selection for fertility. It is reasonable that this can work. Who knows the exact mechanism you would be selecting for affecting meiosis which would allow for a higher frequency of balanced gametes from the triploid parent.



Hi all,

There are two


Actually forget the question on golden glow, just remembered reading a thread on it some time ago.

It’s Golden Glow (Climber, Brownell, 1937); sorry.

I would however be interested in any other fertile triploids that anyone is aware of.



I have noticed that Orange Ruffels, a decendent of Brownell’s Golden Glow, is not only fertile, but very beautiful.

I’ve made crosses with Livin’ Easy this year, just a few…

Golden Angel, the mini, has Golden Glow as a parent and it is very healthy and very fertile. Infact, it is the parent of Yellow Topaz. It will be intresting to cross this with, say, another wichuriana hybrid… like New Dawn.

All seedlings should be tetraploid.