Diana Princess of Whales

Has anyone used Diana Princess of Whales as the seed parent & what has been the results.I used her as a seed parent x Love. Have had pretty good results. My last one tha bloomed turnd out to be a beautiful pure white. No fragrance…Any ideas what to cros her wih to get fragrance would be apperciated.

Last season, Sutter’s Gold gave a few disease prone but very fragrant offspring. Today one seedling opened. The pollen parent was Renae. It was a dapple orangey red color with a yellow eye at the heart. It was very fragrant. Maybe a larger plant and the flowers and leaves are large.

You may want Mister Lincoln, or Oklahoma. Very common, but seems it has passed fragrance to many of its offspring. Fragrant Cloud too.

Last year I tried to use Secret without any success. Seems that the seeds are non-viable. This season I’m gonna try its pollen.

Enrique–I’ve gotten seed off of Secret. The seeds were a very mixed lot size and shape-wise, but I had good germination.


I wonder why the shape variation… I saw that too, but many looked like they had no embryos.

I do believe it’s Wales!


I chuckled the first time I read the post :slight_smile:

Thanks Cliff next time i will spell it correctly.