Desperate for Diploid yellow for breeding

I know that this is not an exchange site but I am desperate

I had the chance to use the pollen of Golden Chersonese some years ago I got one seedling from Rosa blandaXGolden Chersonese . I was so please, I ordered Golden Chersonese. I mulched the plants in about 1ft deep but in my Zone 2a they would not servive then I tried cold rooms, fridges but 3 yr. later no flowers.

I am still waiting for the blandaX to flower. In the meantime I would like to an extensive crosses using Canarybird, Golden Chersonese, Rosa ecae.

Thank you

I am more than willing to exchange seed of northern species like rosa woodsii (diploid)3ft, acicularis (hexaploid)6ft, blanda (diploid)7ft. All were collected from dry conditions. I can do custom colecting if you wish.

I have been interested in breeding at the diploid level as well and bringing in warm colors. It sounds like you want/need to use very hardy parents which limits what you have to choose from. Rosa primula is another option. Otherwise, you may be interested in getting Danae, an old diploid hybrid musk that is soft yellow and supposedly has good seed set. I want to get it myself. I’ve been using some triploid warm roses to cross with hardier diploid roses to bring in warm colors, but that route hasn’t been too successful yet.



Yeah, it has good seed set-- be sure to cross it with something mildew resistant. It is a good rose tho.

I want to cross Golden Chersonese with Sunshine in 2 years, but I have no clue if it is wise or not since I cant get Sunshine anywhere where the shipping charges are not obscene (Eastern USA or California).

To make things clear I am looking for pollen.