Deformed petals?

I’m just wondering how unique this petal form really is. For lack of a better phrase, I’ll call the petals “inwardly reflexing”. I’ve witnessed it on the first three blooms. They are very long lasting, very thick, about 20 petals and 3” diameter. Novel (to me), and not unattractive (again, to me). It’s probably more common than I think, but I have to ask. Cross is Ring of Fire x Candy Apple.


I’ve looked at a lot of roses and a lot of photos of roses, and I don’t remember if I’ve ever seen anything like that. It’s very cool. I think it’s a keeper!

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A beautiful raspberry schade.

I had a somewhat similar-looking seedling a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, due to a seed mishap I’m not quite sure of the parentage–but I think that it may have been an open-pollinated seedling of ‘Verschuren’. I’m also pretty sure that the seedling expired due to disease problems. Below was the first flower and the second, with quite incurved petals (especially in the first flower) that had acuminate apices. The petals did have good substance and the flowers lasted well, but were essentially scentless.



Shame that died, beautiful flower