Definitive, exhaustive list of Species in each Section of Rosa

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I searched and didn’t find any discussion on this topic, so I thought I’d pose the question. Does anyone have a favorite source for a list of the Species in each Section of Rosa? I find myself consulting multiple sources every time I want to confirm which Section a given Species is in. I’d like a one-stop source.



I found this site for north american roses that seemed fairly comprehensive. There are also some pictures and descriptions for identification help as well.


That’s a great site! Thanks for sharing! I would like to find a simple list, though, like this:


Rosa acicularis
rosa arkansana
Rosa blanda


I made scans and prepared a portable list for you. How can I send it to you? It’s a PDF, which I cannot upload here.

In addition, I can recommed the book ’ The Complete Book of Roses’ Gerd Krüssmann, page 248 - 250.
‘Classification of the Genus Rosa’ with a detailed description of the characteristics of the different sections.

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