Defining the categories?

Sorry if I’m a little thick, but I’m a bit vague on where some new topics might best be posted. Several of the categories are not entirely self-evident to me…

The things I am most likely to want to discuss are probably:

  • Questions about experiences with prospective parents? (Is it fertile? What were results?)
  • Sources for/recommendations of plants for various attributes goals? (Know of any potential cultivars for this attribute? Know where to find that cultivar or species?)
  • Hypothetical crosses? (What do you folks think of this?..)

Historically, threads get pretty fluid, so I don’t know how much merit there is to my sweating these things, but I would like to know where I should start various conversations.

I certainly would not want to create any more categories. I think less is more here.

There are whole lot more topics than I realized! (So how do I go about deleting dumb, original post!!! Seriously… It’s not allowing me to do such.)

There is lot to absorb in the new software. The difference between categories and tags is a big one.

Any given topic can only belong to a single category. As you point out, “threads get pretty fluid” so it is hard to know where to draw a line between categories.

Tags were invented to fill the gap. Any given topic can have many different tags.

Topics were sorted into both the categories and tags with help from natural language processing software called Lingo 4G.

At the moment there are 28 categories and sub-categories. There are thousands of tags.

Only the most relevant topics have been sorted into a category. Many remain in General Discussion even though they may touch on categorized subjects.

For that reason, if you are researching a particular subject, it is a good idea to use tags as part of your search strategy.

Likewise, if you do sort a topic in to a category you should also assign tags to denote subject matter that might fall outside the chosen category.

So I think I am hearing that if 90+ % of my posts land under the “general” category, I won’t ruffle too many feathers? :wink:
…or should I make more of an effort?

I don’t think choosing categories matters too much at the outset of a topic. If a particular topic starts to build momentum then that might be an appropriate time to assign a category. For sure, though, tagging would be appropriate at the outset.