'Dart's Defender'

Anybody ever try to use this? Or get interesting results from it either as a pollen or seed parent?



I have not used this one. But I started using its relative Dart’s Dash this year. I was told Dart’s Defender was better to work with but at the time I was getting these roses I could not get Dart’s Defender and had to settle on Dart’s Dash. For whats its worth Dart’s Dash is proving to be a good landscape plant and I would expect from the information I received Dart’s Defender would be even better.


I had a Pink Meidiland x Dart’s Defender seedling a number of years ago. It was a bright light pink and the foliage was midway between the two. It was a once bloomer and never set set for me…not unexpected…but never tried it as a pollen parent. I tossed it after about 4 years as it was prone to BS which surprised me given the parentage.

I do not think Pink Meidiland’s parentage was recorded correctly, especially after looking at both Candy Rpse (1982) and Pink Meidiland’s descendants. I have grown many seedlings from Cherry Meidiland, one of the descendants, and that unique color pattern trait is quite dominant.

A patern that stem from Picasso.

Sam McGredy was angry that many Meilland’s Meidiland pedigree skipped the obvious McGredy’s contribution through Picasso.

I forgot to mention that the white eye was passed on to the PM x DD seedling. It looked like PM but a lighter color of pink. I would have tried it as a pollen parent but the BS issue was so bad that I couldn’t justify keeping it.