Dark red Moss - Black Boy (Kordes 1958) - suitable for breeding?

Hello all!
The Moss rose ‘Black Boy’ is claimed to be very disease resistant. Does anyone have breeding experience with this rose. Is it pollen fertile and does she produce hips? I guess rather not, so the request could be difficult. In any case, I would be really happy for every possible advice. Thank you very much!

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You can always test it but it is a once bloomer, so it takes a lot of time to see if it is worth it.

Edit: some websites noted it repeat blooming.

I think it could, in theory, create reblooming F1 seedlings based on parentage. I came across this one too this last year and wondered that no one had seemingly created anything of it. I wonder if it just appeared at the wrong time to catch the attention of breeders.

Thanks to both of you. I will try my very best with this rose. Provided that something beautiful succeeds, I will report.