Damping off

Damping off


There’s a phenomenon I’ve experienced and also read about – I think it might have been from Dr. Basye’s writings but I’m not sure.

There are certain crosses where the hips form well and seeds form well. Those seeds germinate well too, but every one dies as soon as the first true leaf starts to emerge from between the cotyledons. It’s very frustrating.

I’ve definitely experienced this with bracteata X wichuraiana (and possibly some other crosses too).

What I’d read about it, involved bracteata and laevigata, if I’m remembering correctly. I’ve also experienced crosses where the seeds won’t germinate at all, even though they’ve got what appears to be perfectly normal “innards”. An example of this would be bracteata X palustris.

Whatever kind of incompatibilities are producing these effects, could very well be happening in crosses within the modern rose gene pool also, and might be responsible for a certain percentage of non-germinating seeds and “damping off” seedlings.

I hadn’t thought of putting these ideas together until you mentioned it. Thanks. Tom

Hi Tom

I know there are a lot of things, which could cause the damping off, so it