In november I’d put some cuttings in bottles. I saw it on pictures on this board and I copied it. :slight_smile:

Their are leaves but no roots. They are from november till today in the cold outside. Have put them on the north window inside today. It’s warmer and hope it will root better.

Some leaves are hanging a little weak. here are some pictures:







Hi Timo!

These fotos are extremely nice!

Like a piece of art, the first and the fourth picture in a good quality and I would frame it and hang it at my walls here.

Its a good idea to try this little “technique” … at least in winters like these (the last two ones, I mean).

They look good.

By the way, I had geminating seeds outside, in February, frome wild rose crossings from Mai 2005.

As there are small seedlings now, I took them inside, for its going to get a little colder the next few days.

But: They did it. :slight_smile:

Keeping fingers X-ed, greetings,