Crown Princess Margareta

I purchased this Austin rose this weekend for it’s color and fragrance with the hopes of using it as a parent. Does anyone have experience with this one? Thanks.


I have an op seedling from CPM that germinated last year. It is double & much like the parent. It overwintered well with only snow cover & seems to be a robust plant. CPM is healthy in my garden with no intervention & the offspring is the same.

I’ve CPM also growing now, it’s good to hear some positive things Lydia!

I shovel pruned mine. It was too leggy for me. But it was healthy, well-scented and had a wonderful color. I replaced it with Louise Hay since the color range was similar and LH fit the spot.

So, yeah, I’d recommend this one if you have the right spot for it. I think it’d be good as a parent for OGR formed climbers.

Glad to hear good reports. I crossed Therese Bugnet on CPM yesterday as that was the only pollen I had available at the time. Jadae, OGR formed climbers would be wonderful. Thanks again.