Crown Princess Margareta or Wildeve as a parent either way?

Has anyone used these English roses as a parent either way? I have these two and love the bloom color, form and disease resistance. Having Abraham Darby as an ancestor is a strong plus for me. My plan is to use CPM, Wildeve and Abraham Darby in many of my crosses this season and I was hoping to get some feedback.

In case that frosthardiness is important for you: then I would prefer Crown Princess Margret. We had temperatures below -10degree Celsius and my Wildeve lost most of its canes. It gets growing again, but it is by now only 15cm high.CPM survived completely unharmed.

I did not use any of them for breeding,

good luck to you


CPM sets op hips easily.

Thanks for the replies. CPM is in bloom right now and so far I’ve used pollen from Distant Drums and Abraham Dargy on it. Hopefully I’ll get some seed set this season. Glad to hear that CPM shows some hardiness Ulrike. It is my preference of the two.

lol… the USPTO patent for CPM (AUSwinter) states: “Reproductive parts:… Hips.–None formed”…This is very odd, given that Lydia’ s specmen sets OP hips with ease.

FYI, the USPTO patent for Wildeve (AUSbonny), also states that as far as hips go …“none observed” which is slightly different in meaning to “none are formed”.

I really don’t know what this all really means, to be honest.

Hi Rob. So I guess wat I am trying to say here, is that in addition to your CPM x AD cross, you could also consider the reverse cross (AD x CPM) as well if you can get pollen out of CPM (AD being a proven good seed parent).

FWIW I have noticed other discrepancies in these patents, so I personally am not too fixated on all that stuff, its just a bit weird to me…lol…anyway, good luck, your crosses do sound very yummy!

Hello George. Thanks for the information. I’ve had CPM for a couple of years but not used it in crosses yet. It has not formed any OP hips for me. Wildeve has set OP hips. I will try Wildeve x AD. As for CPM, I’ve not been able to get any pollen at all which is disappointing. Hoepfully it will set seed. Thanks again.

I had a somewhat similar discussion on this forum about an unrelatated Austin selection with similar “no OP hip AND no pollen” observations…Some experts on this forum suggested to persevere with searching for anthers in the late fall on these recalcitrant types, since at that time of the season they sometimes respond by producing flowers that have the occasional anther, for whatever reason…you may then collect and freeze such pollen, and use it the following spring. If you are dead keen on CPM, I guess you can try this too, you never know?!

Very few roses are totally sterile.

Tom Carruth told me ‘Home Run’ was sterile. I didn’t believe it for a second.

Beware: Distant Drums breeds junk. Lots and lots of mildewy, runty, vigorless junk. Its a shame because it is a standout plant in my garden.

Yeah, I was sad to find that out, too, Paul. It is indeed a beautiful rose here. Maybe the Distant Thunder that Heirloom bred from it has more potential as a parent? I noticed Weeks got White Licorice out of Distant Drums by crossing it with Singin in the Rain. The latter probably provided mildew resistance, as that seems to be what Sexy Rexy descendants can do. But White Licorice, at this point, is littered with a long line of mildew prone roses haha. (Whisky, Traumeri, Eurose and Distant Drums)

If I was to use any of the listed Austins, I would use Crown Princess Margareta to retain its form and scent into a climber that possibly has better rebloom and stronger peduncles. That color and form in a climber would be amazing. Polka comes close but it fails because it is overly bulky in both plant architecture and bloom form. CPM has the ethereal nature and color-tone that climbers need to look the part. I’d be amazed if it didnt set hips, btw. Also, patent information is usually just field recorded info. It only reflects the site stated, which is probably the rose grown on large-scale in an artificial environment.where they are trimmed regularly.

Paul, I’m disappointed to hear about Distant Drums breeding junk. It’s such an amazing rose and the scent is wonderful. My garden space is limited so if those are the results I obtain I get I’ll have to yank it regretfully.

I like your thoughts a CPM type climber Jadae. What a winner that would be.

I’m in a cooler climate with cool summer evenings, frequently with overnight rain. That might have something to do with it. I find that some of my roses are more fertile than they would appear to be in a warmer climate. I have an op seedling from Reine des Violettes! My CPM also produces ample pollen & towards the end of the season there are always clusters of hips. I wish I’d taken pictures.

Update: I do have hips that seem to be setting on CPM with pollen from other roses. I was also able to get some pollen from it to use on Abraham Darby and those hips seem to be taking as well.

Distant Drums: I’ve used DD pollen on Ruglauca on a whim and several hips seem to be taking quite well. This has me excited as I’ve not gotten any hip set on Ruglauca in previous seasons. I’m hoping for a full blossom, unusual color, great scent from DD and disease resistance/hardiness contributed from Ruglauca. Ruglauca has a nice mauve/pink color and an unusual scent that I can’t describe. Disease resistance is outstanding and in the right light you can see a grey colored cast to the leaves. I’ve also been crossing Ruglauca and “Skinner’s Red Leaf Perpetual” with each other and have hip set on both. Looking to get more of the blue/grey leaf coloring and repeat bloom.