Crossings 2007

My crossings this year.

If you want to look, just click the link.


Thank you. It is nice that you included the crosses that did not take.

Have you tried using New Dawn as a pollen parent? Help-Me-Find lists it mostly as a seed parent, I wonder why it is not used more as a pollen parent since it should have both diploid and tetraploid pollen.

Infortunately, I no longer have New Dawn (to check it as a pollen parent) as I had to make a “space decision”. Also, my Awakeing got Rose Rosette Disease and had to be destroyed.

Hi Henry,

This year I used it on the Golden Celebration and the Amber Queen.

The hip on the Golden Celebration does very well, it’s huge. Golden Celebration is a great seed parent.

Amber Queen is a differ story, because of the minimal sunlight (it was surrounding by bushes) it

LOL, I’m the brother with the flowers :slight_smile: Nice spreadsheet Tim!



Thanks for posting the spreadsheet of your crosses. Just printed it out. Agree with Henry that it is helpful showing what doesn’t take as well as what takes and the quantity of successful crosses.

Happy to see that New Dawan did so well pollinated with Golden Celebration, Amber Queen, and Westerland since I happen to have all 4. Will try crossing them spring of 2008.

Please post pictures of any of these seedlings which flower. Curious to see what ND does with yellow pollinators.

Nice to see you posting; have enjoyed and learned from Rob’s posts for a long time.


I’ll post the flowers as soon as possible. I’m very curious.

I’m also very curious about the yellow pollinator, yellow is a lovely color.

New Dawn x Rugelda is a worse combination.

Last week I did a hip count and from total of 12 their are 3 hips left on the bush. Those 3 stay very small. Next week I drop the update of the count.

Rob is indeed a great mentor. :smiley:


This week i removed the seeds from the hips and found out that New Dawn is a good hipsetter but a awful seed producer. In every New Dawn hip their was only 1 seed. Not very productive. Next year New Dawn will not be used anymore. I thought their where more seeds but the shell of the hips are thick. Disapointing.

Timothy, if you want something with New Dawn lineage thats very fertile you might try ‘Armada’. It’s an extremely easy seed parent.

‘Armada’ gets a bit of mildew in my climate. I removed mine this year because it was simply too fertile. I now have more than enough descendants.

One note, Armada produces a large number pink and white progeny. In crosses with richly colored hybrid teas I got primarily white blossomed descendants.

I will probably carry a few of these into the next generation to see if I can put some saturated colors back into the next generation.

Thanks for the advice Robert!

The plant on the pictures at HMFR is full of flowers. Really beautifull.

I’ll think of this one for next buying round.