crosses with alabukensis any success?

I am not aware if this rose is a diploid of tetraploid but I tried crossing it with my favourite diploids then I would do chrom. counts on the seedlings. The problem was I got lots of seed (500+) but have had only one germination of a weak sickly thing. Has anyone else to pass on interests in the newish species?

Alabukensis pollen gave a fair number of viable seeds on Rise 'N Shine. Some of the seedlings bloomed right from the start, so they’re probably repeaters. I’ve not followed up with R. alabukensis because it got so much disease where I live, but I may try it again this year.


So far seedlings of Riverbanks x alabukensis look good but we’re not even to a point of developing true leaves yet.

I only have a couple of seedlings but I don’t think I had more than one or two hips. I could see more germinations before Spring is out.

I only had a few blossoms to work with last season and I gave them low priority as I thought they were a long shot.

There’s always the chance that I didn’t emasculate well but I try to be careful.

I’ve got my fingers crossed.