Could Dr. Huey sport into everblooming?

I have a Dr. Huey (from a removed tea rose)that has been blooming all summer-May,June, July and now August,& still forming new buds. It is particularly attractive where it is, at the top of a hill, cascading down over the iceplant. The rose garden was removed about a yr. ago (this is for a client) for the purpose of installing an orchard. Since this one rose continued to bloom and was not in the way of the fruit trees, I asked the client to not have her gardener chop this one out-but he sprayed round-up right next to it on Sat., and I have not had good experiences with herbicides next to roses. The client said I could take cuttings if I wanted to, so if it has any value, I will do so this week, if the Round-up doesn’t kill it first. It has been disease free all summer, but I don’t have much experience with Dr. Huey, except to have it take over an occasional Iceberg. The part of the Dr. Huey that has continued to bloom hasn’t grown much, so I assume all it’s energy is going into blooming. The rest of the plant is shooting multiple canes.

Dr. Huey gave at least one sport, Red Knight, that repeats in late summer but not in the way you describe. You might root cuttings just to keep it in play while you sort out its future.

Dr. Huey seems to be sterile both ways. I tried a couple dozen different pollens on it this year alone to no avail. Any sport would be of interest to test for fertility.

I have a couple of op seedlings from Dr. Huey, one of which sets op hips. Dr. Huey is next to Red Hot & the colour of the fertile seedling is scarlet, so I’m presuming that’s where the pollen is from. The other seedling is lanky & more like Dr. Huey in colour. The seeds were from two years ago when it was hot & dry. Another Dr. Huey in a different part of the garden set no hips under the same conditions, so I presume it’s a matter of compatible pollen.

Are you sure it actually is Dr Huey? Glorie des Rosomanes is very similar but is repeat flowering and was often used as an understock.

No, I have not considered that there might be another understock with a very similar appearance. It does match very closely to the photos of Dr. Huey at helpmefind. I couldn’t find Glorie des Rosomanes for a comparison. I will be going to that site tomorrow, and I have a camera in my car-haven’t taken any cuttings yet-the mountain goat in me just doesn’t want to climb that hill(not that I haven’t many times already) in the heat and humidity of the day. I noticed two messages on other rose posts that mentioned their Dr. Hueys blooming a very extended season or doing a repeat this year-maybe the weather? climate change?

I spelt the name incorrectly - it should be Gloire des Rosomanes - 'Gloire des Rosomanes' Rose

Dr Huey is probably a little darker red.

Very likely it is Gloire des Rosomanes-I checked it out and the last spray of blossoms had a definite olde pink-red cast. Very unlike the early summer ones. And the leaflets are larger than Dr. Huey(there is one of those on site also, not blooming of course) I didn’t check on GDR in June close-up, but this week the blooms did look a lot like the color on HMF, for GDR and I cut the blooming cane and will root it.I have very few OGR, and will add it to my garden. Just curious, but how much and by whom was this used as understock? It seems very healthy and vigorous. It is putting out 6’ canes all over the place right now, with a minimum of water, among the ice plant. JR

This will give you a little background to it and many more understocks.