Correction: 'Gloriana'

I was in town when I responded. I just checked my plant after reading Pierre’s post. Gloriana does have some nice round hips. They’re way above my height, like the top of the refrigerator.

lol I always forget the relativity of someone’s size when speaking online. My chin touches the top of the fridge lol.

I think that the product of Laura Ford and Big Purple is inferior to its parents. However, that does not mean that it would not create nice seedlings, which I think is possible.

Scent from Above, which is from Laura Ford and some old, ugly yellow blend floribunda (Amanda = Arthur Bell x Zambra), is one of the best pillar roses made to date. It does take at least 2 years to mature into a bloom factory, but it takes off once it has matured. That thing produces huge blooms on all levels of the plant (between the 4’ to 9’ range) all throughout the growing season.

Sometimes a sub-par parent can pass on superior traits.

I think I have seeds of Scent from Above x Candle in the Wind/Candy Land that I’m hoping will germinate soon.

I think Gloriana could have nice possibilities as a pollen parent if matched up well.

Will be able to try both over the next few weeks with any luck… again thinking along the lines of other mini climbers… will have to think more about it before then, however, because that’s where my thought process stops at this point in time. I’m with you Cass… being vertically challenged myself… can just see over the fridge LOL