Contacting the ARS

Does anyone know the best method of contacting the ARS? I’ve tried essentially all of the email addresses publicly listed and nobody seems to be getting back to me.

Sorry, I can’t help. I am equally perplexed, as I have been trying to contact them via several email addresses. Unfortunately without success.

From their Facebook page, these are the methods of contact:

8877 Jefferson Paige Road, Shreveport, LA, United States, Louisiana

(318) 938-5402

Open now

I did wonder if it was just me or not but that’s disappointing to hear! As a paying member myself it would be nice to at least receive a reply :frowning:

Thank you, I’ve not actually tried that email address so I’ll give it a go now! Unfortunately I’m UK based so calling / writing isn’t a feasible option for me!

Many thanks roseseek! I will be happy to start a new attempt.

You’re welcome! I hope it helps. You should probably attempt calling them to see if they actually are still open. They were when I copied and posted that. Just now, it reads “closing soon”. Perhaps someone there will have an answer for your questions? Good luck!