Congrats on 'Connie Lohn' Paul Barden's mini moss

I just want to say congradulations with that miniature moss Paul. My sister think it is adorbable. Good enough reason to buy one. Ditto on ‘Mel Hulse’ and ‘Lindsay Rose’.

Is CL is the selfed seedling of ‘Dresden Doll’, Paul? That pink tone and look looks like something that could relate to Dresdon Doll (my most favorite moss rose of the mini mosses, next to Hedi).

Thank you Enrique,

Yes, ‘Connie Lohn’ (registration pending) is an open pollinated seedling of ‘Dresden Doll’, and has a lot of the same character of its parent, but the plant is 1/2 the size, or less. I believe it is important to grow open pollinated populations from some prospective parents to see how the genes recombine. It can give you an idea of what kinds of traits are most prevalent in the offspring. It can occasionally give you a really nice plant! Case in point; I have a very pretty seedling from open pollinated ‘Sequoia Rusby’ seed that is a perfect Miniature replica of ‘Gray Pearl’!



Does it also have the fragrance of Gray Pearl???

Fascinating! Who would have guessed that a seedling that color could come out of Sequoia Ruby?

Lois Ann,

No the seedling has no fragrance that I can detect, which is not surprising. But what certainly IS surprising is that Sequoia Ruby produces such a spectrum of colors in its offspring. I have seen everything from clear yellows and oranges, to reds and even russets with ochre reverses. I plan on using this variety much more extensively in the future, mating it with large shrubs. It produces a good number of full sized shrubs when crossed with bigger varieties.



How is the fertility of Connie Lohn Paul?

It doesn’t set seed at all. Never went looking for pollen, so I don’t know about that.

Paul, my Connie did set seed back in 2006 with pollen from Heidi.

I still have it because it never germinated.

Could it be dead? I don’t know, but it doesn’t hurt to keep the bag. I mean, I had Linda Campbell seeds for YEARS before I had one germination. Maybe I could be lucky again the same way.