Since this is the time of year that many of us are planning for new genes for the spring I must tout Compassion again. This was my first full year with it and I can report that I had very good complete hip set with both pollen and pod, and the plant itself is currently back in full bloom and sprouting new growth - guess the Gulf Coast fall/winter is much like the U.K. weather where it is said to do very well - a Christmas bonus for us Zone 8+ers. It is currently the most beautiful rose of some 80 specimens, sitting right next to my workhorse, Prairie Princess, and making her look bad.

Very exited about my Compassion x Out of Yesteryear hips

Will report back later on germination rates

Highly recommended for my area - shows a lot of New Dawn along with HT influence - also crossing with Abe Darby, Aloha, Heritage, and Iceberg.


How has the blackspot of Compassion? I added it last year and have not decided as to weather or not I want to use it in hybridizing.

I have one of its offspring, High Hopes, and it is among my top 5 favorites every year. The scent is unique–very, very sweet. I think it would be a worthwhile venture for ya.