Color Prediction Chart?

Does anyone have Steve McCullough’s Color Prediction Chart for rose seedlings? I thought I had it saved on my computer, but it turns out not. I’ve been trying for days to get it from the ARS website, but I keep getting an invalid domain name, of all things. So either they are not up at present, or somewhere between their site and my computer there is a DNS glitch. (My husband was unable to get it from work, as well). The result is the same, however.




It seems that is down right now. You might email Steve for it. Or John Moe might have an electronic copy of it. Maybe he can send it to you.


I’d e-mail Steve, but I don’t have his address. If he hangs out here, I haven’t made the connection to a Steve here and the author of that chart. Do you (or anyone else) have his e-mail address?


I just tried and the site is down right now but here is the link.



I saved the color prediction Chart on my computer. If still useful for you, I can email it to you.

Arnold, thank you for the kind offer but I’m happy to say I have the chart! John Moe scanned his copy and Peter Harris e-mailed that to me.

Thanks everyone! I’m embarrassed to have caused such work for others!


The link is working now