Colonial White aka Sombreuil

Has anyone used this rose? Does it work best with tetraploid or diploid pollem? I’ve had op hips on it in the past, but none geminated. It has both diploids and tetraploids in the vicinity.

I find the stated parentage of New Dawn x Madame Hardy hard to believe. Mine came with the name Sombreuil, but it fits the description of Colonial White.

The ‘Sombreuil’ that is in commerce is not the original Tea ‘Mlle de Sombreuil’, but something that is likely R. wichuraiana descent. The listing of its supposed parentage is nonsense. ‘Mme. Hardy’ has never produced offspring as it is quite sterile. That was someone guessing at its parentage, I suspect, or a wary hybridizer trying to cover its real parentage in an act of secrecy.

That being said, ‘Sombreuil’/“Colonial White” produces pollen that is semi-fertile. I have two seedlings using ‘Sombreuil’ on one of my most useful miniature studs. Both seedlings were semi-double coral colored blooms of no particular interest, but one had the ‘Sombreuil’ fragrance.


Paul, that’s more seedlings then what I’ve had in the past. But as some people know, there is a claim that there are several Sombreuils circulating around. Maybe your clone is fertile, and my clone isn’t. My Sombreuil comes from Amity Heritage.


I have what is supposed to be the true Sombreuil here in Belgium. It’s a Tea, no doubt, tough hardy. It is a seedling of "Th

How do you know that it is the real thing? What makes you so sure? I have seen a bush rose from Vintage Roses that they believe is the true Sombreuil (non-climbing). I would love cuttings if it is possible.


My Sombreuil I identified myself, and it was confirmed later by a friend wich is a specialist from l’Ha