Cläre Grammerstorf × Prairie Peace

This is the first bud on this rose. I peeled back a sepal and it’s yellow. I"ll post a picture of the full bloom. This plant is thorny and disease free. I’ll try using its pollen this season and hopefully get a reblooming F1.

I’m assuming that since this took 3 years to bloom that it won’t repeat. Is that a safe assumption?

That is a cross I wish I had the opportunity to make. Nice! Good chance you’ll have a modest second flush late season similar to Prairie Peace.

Hi Margit. Thank you. I was lucky to have made the cross when I did. Clare suffered badly with BS and defoliated. Unfortunately I lost Clare that winter.

I hope there is a second flush. Still waiting on the sibling to this one to bloom.

It will be interesting to see if this can create reblooming seedlings, Rob. I think the theoretical proportion will be 1 in 6 rebloomers when crossed with a reblooming rose. I imagine you’ll be putting it on yellows (or yellow minis?). Congrats on this one and the fact that it remains healthy.

I’ve been scanning the Prairie Peace descendants on HelpMeFind.

Rob, how is your MMPP1, doing? Repeating? Any signs of PP heritage? It would be a breakthrough, perhaps, if we could establish beyond reasonable doubt that PP could pass on rebloom.

Thanks for posting the pic of my DKOPP, Rob! I was like “oh, cool, that’s an interesting cross, who bred that?..Oh, I did!”

I’ve got about 20 seedlings of Above & Beyond x Hazeldean popping up. I’m kind of excited about them. It would also be fun to use PP pollen on A&B.


I’m hoping that I can get reblooming F1 from these. I will be crossing with yellow shrubs and minis this season. What do you think about Campfire x CGPP? Any rebloomers should be hardy to zone 3 I would think.

Both Clare Grammerstorf x PP, Nyveldt’s White x PP and Morning Magic x PP are completely disease free to date. If interested in plant material let me know.


MMPP1 is doing well. It’s disease free and has not bloomed yet. It does have signs of PP heritage. The leaves are intermediate between the parents and it definitely has PP thorniness.

Thank you for letting me create your listing for Pink Double Knock Out x PP (PDKOPP). I renamed it to more accurately reflect the lineage. I definitely will be using this one for some time to come. It’s rudely healthy and has a nice bloom. I’m hoping to get rebloom in F1. Was this one hardy in your zone 3?

Congrats on your Above & Beyond x Hazeldean seedlings. Are you expecting huge plants from this cross? I’ll be interested in hearing how your ABxHazeldean cross does.


I also have an “Orange Surprise” x PP. The leaves are more like mom but the thorniness points to PP as dad…also that it hasn’t bloomed yet for me. Pics attached. Orange Surprise is from Larry Davis and is: (Carefree Beauty x Rise n Shine) x (Carefree Beauty x Austrian Copper)

Also attached is a pic of Morning Magic leaves on left and MM x PP leaves on right. I don’t have PP to make a comparison.
thumbnail (1).jpg
thumbnail (2).jpg

Rob, I was talking about whichever MMPP was blooming on HMF…did you decide that might be a self rather than a cross?

My personal feeling is that it is highly unlikely that we’ll get rebloomers in the first generation from using PP pollen.

I’m slightly more excited to try it again these days…it was disappointing to fail at trying to recover rebloom from FIVI3.

I still can’t point to a Zone 3 cane-hardy, fully reblooming rose that’s not a rugosa. I’d really like to create one, something like a hardiness pill that I could cross with every modern bloomer.

“a Zone 3 cane-hardy, fully reblooming rose that’s not a rugosa.”

Well said. That is indeed the “Holy Grail” for northern rose breeders.


I’m guessing that MMPP1 was not a PP hybrid because it repeat bloom. The thorniness gave me hope when I first saw it. Any cross from MMPP should be MM x unk. I’ll need to make changes. I"m not even sure I have MMPP1 any more.

The iPhone doesn’t capture reds and oranges very well. This bud is vivid orange as it opens. I look forward to seeing its color in full bloom and use its pollen in some crosses.

The open blossom is a 3” single, buff color with peach highlights. Hopefully it got self pollinated before I took the stamens for pollen to be used elsewhere.

One word for this beauty Rob, lovely, I think the color is amazing, ant sent/fragrance ?

Thank you David. I don’t have a good sense of smell but I’m told that it does have scent.

The foliage is particularly attractive too. A very nice blend achieved from two very different parents.

Thank you Margit. I would agree with you. It’s great that the foliage stays clean all season as well.

I really like the color - both the buff shade and the contrasting halo. I hope it has the black spot resistance you’re looking for!


This seedling and its sibling have been disease free in all the 4 years since germinating. I was excited when I saw the orange color as the sepals were opening but I’m happy with the buff color and the yellow eye. If only it would repeat. I did collect anthers so i’ll have pollen to work with.

What a luminous flower, Rob! And its lustrous foliage adds a superb background. Congratulations!