Cl Cecile Brunner as rootstock?

Hi all. I live in San Diego County in CA. At a meeting of the Rose Society, there was talk about how fortuniana rootstocks were effective in adding vigor to less vigorous roses such as Ivory Fashion and Angel Face, even more so than Dr. Huey. I have considered sending for a fortuniana plant to supply rootstock material myself, provided I can find a whip and a chair to keep it from eating the county. I have noticed how amazingly vigorous and relatively thorn-free the canes of Cl. Cecile Brunner is. Has anyone had any experience with using it as a rootstock? Do you have any advice for me. Thanks! Brian

Hi Brian, the only time I ever heard of Cl Cecile Brunner being used as a root stock was by Judge Henry Fonda. Not the actor, but a gentleman who lived in Mar Vista, near Santa Monica, owned a small miniature rose nursery. He attempted to bud minis and other roses to Cl Cecile Brunner with no success. He theorized it was genetically incompatible. However, a friend in Texas found Spray Cecile Brunner to be excellent as a stock in her conditions. Why Spray might work where Climbing wouldn’t, who knows? But, as long as it’s RMV free, why not try it? They use Banksiae for standards in China. Druschki and Mme. Plantier have been used per old photos in early ARS annuals. Many ramblers have been used, also, with very good success.

Thanks, Kim!

You’re welcome, Brian! The only issue I would be concerned about is potential RMV infection.

Yes, that’s an important point. I had a few go-arounds with that back in the tainted-Dr. Huey days.