Cinderella (miniature)as a parent

I have had Cinderella for two years now and it has never produced an anther or set hips. I had assumed that it is so heavily petalled that it is incapable of reproduction.

However, while browsing help me find I discovered that it dose have offspring.

So the question is; Does climate affect fertility in this cultivar, and if so what climatic conditions provide the best results?

Any input would be appreciated.



Hi Jinks. I managed a hybrid with this one.

Cinderella never sets hips for me. I have a long border hedge of Cinderella in my back yard.

One has to look through many blossoms to find pollen and sometimes take it on faith that it is even present.

Like any rose Cinderella varies in the number of petals it produces depending on temperature and growing conditions.

I honestly didn’t try very hard for this seedling but I got lucky. Perle D’or and Cinderella are very proximate for me.

‘Petite Perle D’or’ is a true micro miniature and since it derives from polyantha I suspect it will be hardier than many.

I love that it is smooth like that Dad. It produces an amazing amount of pollen so I am exploring it as a parent now.

I have been told snails are attracted to this one.

Go figure!?

I might get it out to be tested. It propagates easily and would be another small rose ideal for a low border. It’s quite bushy. The women in my chat group love it.

Thanks, Robert