Checking for Opinions on these Roses?

Does anyone have experience with any of these 3 regarding disease resistance, fragrance or use for rose breeding???, or just a general “thumbs up”, or “thumbs down”?

‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’

‘Golden Holstein’

‘Modern Magic’


Jim Sproul

‘Golden Holstein’ is very popular here in Australia because it is one of the helathier yellows. Seems to perform well with minimal intervention here.

Wow… creative typo there… hmmmm… healthier even!

Golden Holstein is one of the strongest golds I have ever seen. I have seen it get both bs and mildew tho. Exhibitors love it here because of the big sprays.


I have a grafted Tess which I purchased at a local nursery. I think it was a J&P product. Have had it for about 4 years. It sends out 7 foot thorny canes, an Austin octupus. It has nice 3-4 inch very double clustered flowers in a cerise red. Some fragrance. It has been unsprayed and remains very healthy. Blackspot is the issue here in Richmond, Virginia.

Jim, I just ran outside to take a look and smell a bloom. Unfortunately it just finished its first flush and there is nary a bloom. I also noticed some blackspot on the leaves but it is NOT a DEFOLIATOR for me. Incidentally, it is loaded with big fat OP hips from last season. I opened one blackend hip and it has large seeds in it, the size of Joycie’s. I like smooth roses so for me its thorns would be its major con. By the way, the red holds up nicely on the bloom. Also, every fall I notice it is full of hips so certainly would make a good mother. It is surrounded by other roses so would assume it readily takes other pollen.

Jim, I bought a few plants from NE Mini/Greenheart during their closing sale. Your FIRST IMPRESSION was one of them. Some have lost all their leaves to BS. FI is fully leafed out, shiny, HEALTHY, with not a blemish; a perfect complexion, LOL. You are to be congratulated.

Jim P

I thought First Impression looked like a good mini. I was walking through the Washington Park AOE/AARS test gardens 2 weeks ago and almost all of the mini trials were already defoliated (1 week freeze snap this winter followed by super wet, dark spring). It was astonishing but not surprising. I hope more in the future is done to make more minis garden worthy. Too many decades have gone by in breeding minis suited to exhibitors, mild climates and consistant spray programs.

Thanks for the feedback on the roses. I love the color of ‘Golden Holstein’, but have heard of it’s powdery mildew proneness. Perhaps crossed with ‘Baby Love’ derivatives it will retain the good yellow and pick up disease resistance.

Tess sounds good, but I have to admit, I am not a fan of tons of thorns! The cleanliness and hips sound good though.

Jim P, thanks for the feedback on FI. It has been clean for us, but I appreciate knowing how it behaves with more BS pressure. I think that Greenheart introduced it as a miniflora to go with their “My Bouquet” series. In my mind it is somewhere between a floribunda and a smaller shrub.

Jim Sproul