Caring for Mutabilis in Zone 6b/7a

I live in East TN, and a barefoot of Mutabilis just arrived in the mail. Due to Park Seed’s labeling, I thought that it would survive in my climate; however, it seems rather marginally hardy. Any advice on how to keep it alive in my garden?

It survives dips into the 20’s here in central Georgia. If worried I’d put a mound of whatever mulch you use around the base of the plant after you begin to have frosts.

I grow it here in Central Iowa (Zone 5b). I have it in a very large pot so that it can survive and so that it keeps to a manageable size. I use a cement curing blanket that I found on Amazon a few years back over it and the rest of my potted roses and they survive the winter with no issue and hardly every any die back. These Cement curing blankets are pretty much insulated tarps. Sometimes I’ll put some fallen leaves inside the tarp for some extra protection but it never seems to be necessary. In your zone, you may not need to keep in a pot and just cover it with something that will insulate and stay in place for the duration of winter.