Carefree Wonder as a parent

I’ve got some OP seeds from Carefree Wonder. I was curious to know if anyone has had any good results using this variety in a self, OP, or a planned cross with other varieties. This one has some interesting ancestors like Suzanne, Morning Star’s, Prarie Princess and Queen Elizabeth.

I haven’t used it directly, but it is a parent of some nice roses in the Easy Elegance series I’m trying to use as parents. ‘Firecracker’ is one and its other parent is ‘Chuckles’. Although I haven’t seen the parentage yet, it seems like it could be a parent of other Easy Elegance roses including ‘Island Dancer’ and ‘Hot Wonder’. ‘Island Dancer’ is an especially disease resistant rose. David

Hot Wonder looks like it might come out of Knockout? I hate the black stamens.

Island Dancer looks like it might come out of one of the McGredy handpaints? Just a guess and first impression.

Thanks David. I’ve not heard about the Easy Elegance series so I’ll look them up and find out more about them.

Funny Face, a handpainted shrub from them, is Earth Song x Pink Meililand.

I would rate it as “okay” but nothing spectacular.

Hot Wonder is Unknown x Carefree Wonder. I have not seen it in person.

Firecracker is, like stated, Carefree Wonder x Chuckles.

I have no clue what Island Dancer is.

Here’s a link to the Easy Elegance web page

Thanks for the URL David. Where were you guys able to find the parentage for some of these from the series? I didn’t see any parentage listed on

The US Patent and Trademark office website looking up those that have a granted patent and also hearing Ping Lim talk about his roses at some local talks. Since Baileys is based in St Paul he comes often from Oregon and speaks in the area.

Thanks David for an additional source to search.

One of our local nurseries has a number of Ping Lim’s “Funny Face”. They were loaded with large orange hips. Hopefully, this rose will be a very convenient way to introduce some Meiland “blood” into one’s breeding lines and get some Buck “blood” thrown in for good measure.

Funny Face pollen worked well on Renaissance.

Meilland has been using a lot of Buck roses lately, even in their HTs.

Cherry Follies is completely stippled, for example. And look at this one:

I have Hot Wonder growing right next to Carefree Wonder. So far Hot Wonder is healthier and has denser foliage, CW has gotten Black Spot and lost quite a few leaves. In the cooler weather of spring and now in the fall the flowers are virtually identical. In the heat of summer Carefree Wonders color lightened up quite a bit were as Hot Wonders color remained about the same. Hot Wonder is suppose to be hardier, but I can’t say for sure as I have over wintered each just this past winter.

I don’t know how CW is for a parent, but based on this years performance I probably would use Hot Wonder over it.


I’ve pretty much given up on Carefree Wonder. Over the years I’ve seen less disease resistance exhibited. I’ve not grown it but Hot Wonder sounds like a good substitute. I’m not wild about the color and bloom form of Funny Face or Hot Wonder but they might be excellent to use for disease resistance. I like the idea of marrying Buck and Meidiland roses.

I’m not crazy about the color of Hot Wonder either, though I do like the white reverse. Because the pedals refuse to drop,

the spent flowers with the hot pink and white reverse really look pretty gowdy.

I checked Hot Wonder again today and now it is showing some black spot on the lower leaves. So it’s not totally disease free, it just has better resistance than Carefree Beauty, at least in my garden.

I have Fuchsia Meidiland. For most of the summer it has been disease free. But now it is showing quite a bit of black spot also. I’m disappointed about that as I used it as a seed parent and its pollen on several plants this year.

So I’m not having the best of luck, black spot wise, with the Meidilands so far.

Honestly, I don’t mind some BS that shows up in October as long as the plant was pretty free of it during the summer. Mystic Meidiland is one that is bringing great disease resistance for me in F1s.

I agree. I think it’s asking a lot of a plant to be totally disease resistant the whole year. I’ve noticed that even the wild trees and shrubs get diseased in the fall. It’s not worth the energy to put into defense when they’re going to loose the leaves shortly anyway. So, I do expect the plants to get some disease in the fall, I guess I was disappointed by how much black spot FM has gotten. Though it is such a dense shrub that you don’t notice the BS unless you’re looking for it. The denseness(?)maybe the reason for the BS in the first place.

I like the color of Mystic Meidiland. It’s interesting that the pollen parent Gold Badge is listed as being susceptible to blackspot yet you’re getting disease resistant seedlings from it. It goes to show that one shouldn’t write off a plant as a parent because of lack of disease resistance. Because that can be overcome by good breeding.

Paul, I am amazed at the disease resistance in my Mystic Meidiland F1s. I’m thinking that ‘The Fairy’ and R. wichurana blood has much to do with the resistance.

The Fairy certainly has proven itself as a great parent. I think you’re right, that would be the place I would guess the disease resistance came from also.