Can rose leaves turn themselves the right way round?

I was trying to begin training some rose canes onto a fence by tying them to it, but this resulted in the leaves being turned upside down, with their undersides uppermost.

My question is how long does it take, if ever, for the leaves to turn themselves the right way again? Presumably it could be by using phototropism, but I am not sure leaves can turn themselves from the undersides being uppermost to the right way round?

Can it be harmful to the rose to have its leaves’ undersides facing upwards? I assume that only the top sides of leaves can photosynthesise? And the undersides could be vulnerable to sunlight or loss of water?

I’ve never had any issues with foliage being turned around upside down. It happens when you train climbers. I’ve not kept track of how long it takes for them to right themselves, but they do. If they are damaged or shaded by other growth so they don’t feed the plant, the plant sucks out the chlorophyll, they turn yellow and the plant sheds them. I’ve not noticed any problems resulting from some foliage not being turned right side up.

Kim is 100% right.

The TL;DR version is that it doesn’t matter. Getting them trained is more important.

Thanks for your replies. I spread them out a bit more to maximise the light and airflow around them. Hopefully they will respond to the light and turn their leaves round.

They will. Nature endowed them with all they need to adjust to our “better ideas” of what they require. Get involved in other things and one day you’ll notice nothing is wrong and wonder when they did it.