Can anyone tell me about Plaisanterie by Lens?

To keep on about hybridizing polyanthas, I was thinking of using Plaisanterie as a china/multiflora influence. Any opinions on this rose? aAre there any other Lens roses that would be useful? I know Jadae mentioned Rush and Bukavu.



Lens created an amazing number of creative diploid hybrids, any number of which should be excellent from creating new polyanthas.

Plaisanterie get large but I think it would be an excellent choice. I would think you could bring the size down fairly easily.

It’s been around since 2006 which makes me wonder why it has no recorded descendants.

I think Lens is one of the great hybridizers of the last century. He did an amazing amount of groundwork.

I havent seen any bad Len’s hybrids, to be honest. I think you have to watch out for the once-bloomers, though, if youre not interested in that angle of work. He has some fertile purpple hybrids, too.


If you don’t read french or Dutch, here is a (poor) translation of the description from the Lens nurseries.

The variety is a cross of Trier by R. chinensis mutabilis. The name Plaisanterie (meaning

btw, there are three of these cultivars from Lens with identical parentage. So, if one doesnt work…

4 at least:


Patricia Beucher

Apricot bells

Souvenir de Rose-Marie.

Is there one North American seller who specializes in the Lens hybrids?

I think I remember when Hortico brought them in and had them towards the end of the H catalog as numbers rather than names (talk about a leap of faith in buying a numbered rose).

If you look on HMF, the majority of them are only available in Europe. Mostly from the Lens nursery themselves.