Can anyone identify rose and blotches?

Can anyone identify this rose, or what the blotches on the flowers are? The leaves look clear of any markings.

They just look like water spots to me. When sunlight hits dew, rain or irrigation drops, they often burn reddish.

If youw ant the rose ID’d, then we need mature rose size and plant architecture.

It somewhat looks like Rosy Carpet, but not quite.

Thanks for information. Good that it is just water spots, and not any virus, fungus or insect.

The flowers look like Rosy Carpet, but the shrub is tall not groundcover. Huge sprawling shrub.

What country or area? Its not View, Vanity, Eva, or Ambiance… I don’t think. Well, I guess it could be Eva, but the Eva at a local garden is short. That doesnt mean its not big elsewhere. But its not so glossy. The rose in the photo looks really European to me, like NW mainland Europe origin, but that doesn’t mean it is. Heirlooms introduced a ton of roses from that area to America in the 1990s. Jackson and Perkins put out a few single shrubs over the years where they would be in a catalog for one year then disappear commercially forever.

Peter Beales Roses page says Eva is unique to them in the UK. Introduced 1933. Hybrid Musk. This one is taller than three feet, it is about six feet high. It is growing in the south coast of England.

Thanks for your information, I would have had no clue what it is.