can anyone give information about R. hybrida cv. Natal Briar

This is a newer rootstock used for greenhouse (cut) roses. It is originally from Kenya.

It grows actively in the winter and confers this trait on to the scion.

If anyone has further information about this rootstock, I’d love more information!

A google search did not find much except that it is very thorny and Carlton may have it.


Thanks, but what is Carlton?

I am sorry Jenny, I should have been more specific. Carlton is a supplier of greenhouse roses. They will sell roses to anyone. I have purchased a few from time to time, mostly for hybridizing. In general, florist roses make great greenhouse roses, but poor garden roses.

Why are you seeking the rose?

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Good Luck


Thanks for the information, I appreciate the help. I am interested in natal briar because I am doing a research project on cut roses and natal briar is the rootstock in the experiment. I found a little bit more information in case you are interested. It is a fast rooting rootstock and it is sensitive to Boron levels and are propageted vegetativly only.