Call for articles for the Spring 2006 issue of the RHA Newsl

The feature topic for the spring issue is the breeding of bicolors. As usual, articles on other topics will be welcome.

If I have enough material, I’ll begin assembling that issue shortly after March 1, and would like to finish it by March 15 (during my spring break at school). The sooner I get your articles and notes, the sooner you get your Newsletter.

If you have used as a parent some bicolor variety that either did or (unexpectedly) did not give you a lot of bicolors, or if you have used some other, non-bicolor variety and have obtained a lot of bicolors from it, or even a few that you might not have expected from such a variety, we’d love to hear about your experience.

If you have a bicolor that sets a lot of seeds and looks as though it might be a good parent, tell us about it. Even a short note would be welcome (along with info about the climate where you live, since climate seems to affect seed-set). All those brief notes, once assembled, make for a lot of shared information.

Be sure to send in what you’ve written, regardless of what it is. We always have room for what you write. In fact, we welcome what you write. The Newsletter is YOUR Newsletter. If you have questions about whether something would be useful, email me.


Just a reminder–

Your Newsletter needs your contributions of articles, questions, and notes.

I’m hoping to begin assembling the Spring issue of the Newsletter this week.

As soon as possible, please send in what you’ve written.



Don’t forget the article I sent in a few weeks back!


It’s in there, Paul. So are two others received this week from others.

Now, about the rest of you…

I’m still needing articles on the symposium topic of breeding for bicolors (see the first post in this thread).

Even if you don’t have an idea for an article right now, I’d love for you to send in short biographical sketches for our Who We Are feature. The article you’re going to write can come later, once you have the words flowing.