California Rose

This is a 2 part question, well 3 part–sorta.

Has anyone here worked with the California rose? I was curious as to the germination rates/ratios and what not concerning hybrids with this rose. For example, time of germination in comparison to an average hybrid, germination rate or sterility. Also, is grafting viable on a personal level with the species itself?


I’ve done quite a few crosses with the California wild rose R. californica. I’ve had no luck using it as a seed parent with modern hybrids. I have had some seedlings using its pollen on modern hybrids, but germination rates were low. I wouldn’t try grafting to R. californica. It suckers like crazy.

Thanks Jim! The rootstock info will save me some unwanted fun. Right now Im trying californica with High Hopes because it is such a fertile mother plant. Im sure any result would be a monsterous once bloomer but it has been a fun project none the less. The thing I like best about californica, besides the variation of itself within the species, is the really nice fall/winter bark color and fruit. That rich wine colored bark combined with fire engine red fruit.