bulbnrose hijacked?

I went to look up one of the many useful articles posted by cyberose and found that the domain name apparently expired and was taken over by a collection of ads. Anyone have insight into this, and what one might do to find the original site?

I saw that last week. I assumed it ran out of $$$ for hosting or something.

If that is the case, I could always make a new multiply account and host a group for such information. At any rate, I was sad it was gone. At the very least, HMF could host the information perhaps???

Unless the information on Whois is not up-to-date, Karl King still owns the domain. I’m not sure what the problem is. I hope that bulbnrose.com will be back. It’s an invaluable resource.

I don’t know what a “multiply account” is, but you can be sure that none of these sites (including this one) stays alive on good will, and the maintenance is not always easy.

HMF does not make money, and housing all Karl’s material there would require a major reworking of the site to accommodate two purposes. HMF is maintained by volunteers. For them and for the surviving founder, it is a labor of love. The software is not something that came from a box, and it has to be updated constantly to handle the increasing amount of information available and to ensure the greatest access to information.

Rosehybridizers.org is supported by the dues of RHA members and the site is maintained by the volunteer work of Jim Turner. RHA itself is maintained entirely by volunteers.

The information that was on Karl’s site has been assembled by Karl over a long time, and the site itself was a work of love and personal interest, and–yes, the server space was paid for by Karl, and the pages were hand-coded by Karl.


Multiply is the google of Myspace, in essence-- but more mature and can handle groups, pictures, etc. with ease. I only mentioned it as a last resort, just as I mentioned HMF.

The time, love and talent that Karl put into his site is/was very evident. For many years I have used his site as a reference point for great articles and followed his breeding activities. When I first started my own breeding efforts he was all to happy to give advice and to share seeds. I too recently found that his site is inaccessible and truly hope that there is nothing seriously wrong and that Bulbnroses.com will be up and running very soon.

Hi guys!

I’ve seen that too & planned to download at least parts of the posted articles there over the “Google Cache”.

This Cache function maybe runs out after 12 or 24 months, so don’t wait too long if you plan that too.

I think this could be at least one way to get the text-scripts - without pictures unfortunately … .



Regarding Google cache, don’t forget the Wayback Machine.




My web page is back, but the url is now www.bulbnrose.org

If any of the links aren’t working, please let me know so I can get them fixed.



Link: www.bulbnrose.org

Hi Karl King!

This is a pretty good way to say Thank you! for the your lots of work in the name of roses and amateur breeding.

Its good to hear from you, and that your site actually has not been hijacked! :wink:

Greetings from Germany!


It’s great to see that your page is back up Karl!



I put it back into my favorites list :slight_smile: