Bright red seed

Just sharing pics of a rose that has dark purple hips, most of which contain NO seeds, but the few seeds that there were, were bright red!

The rose’s parentage is Above & Beyond x Hazeldean.


Interesting and good, tend to see red seeds in some of my spinos.

My healthy Hazeldean of 15 years has never selfed, op or crossed to make seed, just fluff hips. Used its pollen but as a mix with Prairie Peace on Schoeners nutkana and R. nutkana.

Took and a half a dozen plus weak seedlings last spring, that would have been culled by normal hybridizers … hoping age will shake mildew.

Of course no clue whether Nutkanas, Hazeldean or PP father.

Still alive after being dehydrated during my 3 weeks absence from garden.

How fun! The only red seed I’ve encountered were exogenous seed on Hugonis and its hybrids which had been “kissed” by the sun. Fingers crossed it results in something useful and fun for you! Happy Holidays, Joe!

In some Rosa rugosa hybrids that contain genes from ‘Rosa foliolosa Nutt. ex Torr. & A.Gray’, the nutlets are also of bright red-purple colour. These varieties include Strandperle ‘Norderney’, ‘Wild Mauve’ and ‘Rotes Phänomen’.

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