Breeding with

Has anyone done any breeding with Ralph Moore

Hi Joan:

I have been using some of the Ralph Moore halos, ‘Halo Today’ and ‘Halo Sunrise’. I have mainly used ‘Halo Today’ as a seed parent, while ‘Halo Sunrise’ (because it very rarely sets hips) only as a pollen parent.

In my experience, it seems that ‘Halo Sunrise’ is better at passing along the haloing effect.

It seems to be passed in a dominant fashion, but I suspect that there is more than 1 gene involved. I have noticed that ‘Angel Face’ and ‘First Prize’ can also produce quite a number of seedlings with the “halo” (as well as some other common roses).

As I am sure you have heard, Mr. Ralph Moore is crossing the Halo roses with his persica hybrids and has made a good deal of progress in the last 2 years having some VERY interesting seedlings.

I have a haloed seedling of ‘Chipmunk’ X ‘Halo Sunrise’ that sets seeds well and crossed it with a persica hybrid. I only have one seedling of it this year that is definitely a true cross, but do not know if it will bloom this year.

This is a fun area in which to work!