Breeding Lines or Line Breeding??

Often on this forum the term “line breeding” or “breeding lines” have been frequently used. Could someone explain what is meant by these terms? And if you could provide an example to illustrate your point would be much appreciated.

Theyre different terms.

Breeding lines refers to a specific line of something.

Line breeding refers to hybridizing closely related specimens.

Example: Just Joey x America or Just Joey x Fragrant Cloud. They all share Fragrant Cloud as a commonality.

Dee, we may need David Z. to jump in here. I know that I have used the terms loosely.

Breeding lines for me describes related roses: parent>child>grandchild. I use it when I am talking about my repeat blooming hulthemias. I have one line coming from ‘Persian Sunset’, another one from ‘Tiggle’ and another from “H65”. H65 is one of my own direct seedlings from ‘Tigris’. I treat each of these lines as potentially different from one another with regard to their genetics because each has come from the only link we have to the hulthemias (‘Tigris’). So each has potentially a different complement of hulthemia genes. Bringing these lines back together may offer a benefit of combining hulthemia genes that have been lost in any single “line”.

Line breeding, I think, is when you use a particular pollen (or seed parent) to make a cross. Then cross it again with one of the resulting seedlings, and then cross it again to one of those seedlings (or some variation of that).

David, or anyone else, how far off am I with that explantation?? Thanks!

Jim Sproul

For breeders Line breeding is breeding within a single progeny without bringing new blood (outbreeding) typically doing sibcrosses. The goal is to get truer breeding plants with maximum expression of qualities and /or eliminating recessives. Limitation is occurence of inbreeding depression.

Hi Everyone,

Jadae, I was thinking that perhaps you meant Just Joey being the common parent, and not Fragrant Cloud, correct?

Jim, I see what you’re saying of your hulthemia hybrids (with the notion that these lines may be crossed with one another at some point). In his book, English Roses, David Austin makes reference to a development of “a new strain of English roses” ie, ‘The Old Rose Hybrids’, ‘The Leander Group’, ‘The English Musk Roses’, ‘The English Alba Hybrids’ and so forth by way of selected modern parentage. From what I gather of your description above, I hope I’m not far off in assuming that he is referring to his ‘breeding lines’.

So does this signify that ‘breeding lines’ are considered F1’s, and ‘line breeding’ more or less F2’s?

No, Just Joey AND America both have Fragrant Cloud as a parent, so I did mean Fragrant Cloud, which makes the former two half-siblings.

Dee---- Line Breeding can be a form of inbreeding. It is the deliberate mating or crossing of closely related plants and animals in order to retain certain characteristics of a common trait. Whereas Breeding Lines are usually results of line breeding or proven genetics. For a example on my hybrid tea program I use the genetics of Fragrant Cloud and Silver Jubilee. If you follow Modern Roses 12 you will notice these genetics appear quite often in many of the good roses. I also consider the genetics of Queen Elizabeth very worthwhile. I hope that my statement is not confusing and may help answer your question.