Breeding for Particular Fragrance

Hi all,

One of my goals is to breed roses with a clove fragrance. Does anyone know of good parents that pass on this scent or, more simply, roses that possess this fragrance (especially tetraploids)?

So far I have:

Fritz Nobis

Roseraie de l’Hay


Blush Noisette

Are there any more out there?




I also would like to breed roses with clove scent. I have purchased many roses that I’ve read about having a clove scent. Apparently my nose must not be as sensitive as some other people or I’m not catching the roses at the right time. I haven’t detected any clove in my Fritz Nobis or Blush Noisette. I have definitely noticed it in the typical species type dark pink Rosa rugosa. The strongest I’ve ever smelled is in the single flowered form of Rosa moschata, but it seems to be elusive. Sometimes it’s there and strong, other times you have to really use your imagination. There must be some temperature or age of bloom, that is optimum for the clove component of the scent. Also, as far as passing on to offspring, the clove scent seems to get lost in the F1 of the species crosses I’ve sniffed. I haven’t noticed any clove in rugosa X palustris, multiflora X rugosa, rugosa X glauca, rugosa X xanthina. Always seems that the “old rose scent” comes out in these hybrids, but the more unusual scents aren’t noticeable. Last year I germinated quite a few moschata seedlings (pollen from wichuriana and the China ‘Ducher’). All of these are growing healthily, and wintered very well here in Maryland. It could be that the clove scent will be lost in these also, but maybe when they begin blooming, I’ll get a surprise. Good luck in your search, Tom

Here is a list of ‘clove’ fragranced roses from the HelpMeFind site.


ADAsolsi (Hybrid Tea, Michel Adam)


‘Secret Garden Musk’ has the strongest clove fragrance I have encountered so far. I have no idea if it is fertile.


I’ve grown open pollinated seedlings of Secret Garden Musk, but they all die eventually.


Did they bloom before they died?


Use Secret Garden as a pollen parent, not for seed.

It’s probably a diploid, isn’t it?

I after the 4 or 5th leaf, they died. Although I have never used the pollen before, but I do really want to with miniatures and found roses such as Puerto Rico.

Golden Wings is another rose with a “spicy” clove fragrance. It brings a smile every time I pass within 10’ of it when in bloom.

Cardinal Hume smells like cloves to me, but the scent is weak and mixed with Heaven knows what. I’ve heard it described as smelling “like expenisve fish.”

Thanks everyone for your responses!